Peaceful Warrior: A Poem from new book


I am fighting a battle inside of myself,

My enemy is Post Traumatic Stress,

My strength comes from myself,

Memories of what happened to

me replays over

And over again.

There are flashbacks,

There are nightmares,

There are triggers,

The pain is so real and

I cannot stop the pain.

I cannot stop the flashbacks.

I cannot stop the nightmares.

I cannot stop the grief.

I cannot stop the rage.

I show a brave face

to the world but on

The inside I am crying.

Mother Earth is helping me to

heal my heart

That was broken into

thousands of pieces,

There are many days when

I feel like I am broken,

I am determined to win this

battle and to heal my heart.

I will not let triggers, flashbacks,

nightmares control my emotions.

I will not let those tried

to destroy me win this war.

I have awakened and I will

find peace with myself.


I will love myself and forgive

myself for past harms

I will love my body.

I will continue to grow spirituality.








I will continue to be mindful and meditate.

I will continue to speak my,

truth and continue to heal.

I will reach out to fellow

Peaceful Warriors and

Help them to heal to.

I am Peaceful Warrior.